I stand for peace, justice, ecology, and election reform. I support the Kellogg-Briand Pact outlawing war.

The slogan "Unity in Diversity" has been used to promote harmony and celebration of multiculturalism based on an understanding that our differences enrich human interactions. 

Everyone deserves fair representation. I propose to abolish the US Senate, eliminate the Electoral College, and elect US Representatives by an open party-list system of proportional representation. Each generation should create its own constitution. - Gary Swing

Gary Swing

US Senate - Colorado

Unity Party of Colorado

#1:  3 Sept 2019

Most, but not all 34 OECD countries at the national, state/province, city and town levels, have adopted some form of Proportional Representation. Not all districts in all OECD countries have adopted Pro Rep and Direct Democracy.  

Best Democracy works to educate the public, implement Proportional Representation and Direct Democracy, that everyone may be fairly represented and included in decision making. We should reject archaic systems of representation designed to exclude people, and adopt contemporary methods of representation, designed to include nearly everyone. This pledge is a means of identifying and assisting candidates who share our values of fair representation, fair elections, easy candidate ballot access, inclusiveness, dispersed power and Direct Democracy.

The Best Democracy Pledge

• Current systems of representation and elections discriminate against and exclude all minorities from decision making, distort election outcomes, limit pluralism and concentrate power.

• Proportional Representation in Multi Member Districts is the most effective method of achieving dispersed power and inclusive government. Proportional Representation = Fair Representation.

• I pledge to prioritize the implementation of Proportional Representation in Multi Member Districts for legislative elections at the level of government for which I’m a candidate (local, state/province, or national).

• I pledge to prioritize the implementation of petitioning for initiatives and referenda on a government website, at the level of government for which I’m a candidate.

Anyone who posts their agreement to the Best Democracy Pledge on their platform page will receive a 75 word, self written post, with a photo and a link to their platform page. Once you have posted your agreement to the Pledge, send the link to your web site page to jesse @ bestdemocracy . org. Signers will have their posts organized by:



District they are a candidate for

Chronological order of pledge received

The path forward is one step at a time. Each candidate who takes the Best Democracy Pledge takes us another step toward fair, inclusive representation and elections.

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